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CONVERSIONGROUP believes that clients want hands-on service delivered by experienced advisors who understand your business, your mission and your goals. We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their business without sacrificing their souls.

Business / Risk Management: 
We offer a comprehensive suite of designed services to assist our clients throughout the business cycle, from start-up, branding, marketing proactive risk management to the ability to unexpected events and vigorous environments.

Quality :
Our hands-on approach to developing and implementing successful Quality Management and Continuous Improvement programs has benefited a wide range of manufacturing and service organizations. Specializing in the establishment, implementation and improvement of quality management systems, quality auditing and training. Our work provides the necessary information and useful insight to help you become a more profitable company through implementation of effective quality management principles that drive organizational health and effectiveness. Staffing to provide cost-effective solutions that respond specifically to the needs of our clients.

Credit Repair : Many people have errors on their credit reports. Our team is here to address these issues and help our clients repair their credit, increase their credit score and regain their confidence. We work with professionals that are well trained in consumer laws and will review your file to ensure that your credit issues are resolved in the fastest and most effective way possible.